Original Dappled Grey - super skinny

Original Dappled Grey - super skinny

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2.5cm wide

Made with the best quality jersey-cotton material which is recycled from fashion industry off-cuts.

Length: On average the knit length is 35cm and the ties are 28cm in length. Due to the nature of hand-made things each piece varies ever so slightly.
Fastening: Tied with a bow or knot, meaning the necklace can be various lengths to suit different styles or outfits.
Extras: Great for messy people or Mums (or Dads) as they are machine washable (recommended 30)!
Great for wearing around babies as the materials are soft and will smell like you, also teething babies as they can chew it without hurting themselves.
Good for wearing around young ones as they have a serious stretch and will return to the original size and shape.
Each piece is individually made.

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