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Jewellery FAQ’s

  1. When are postage days?
    Postage days are Wednesdays and Fridays and parcels are posted first class, unless stated otherwise. If you need anything specific, please just get in touch.

  2. Can I request a different colour?
    Yes you can, though these will be charged at £30 as I will need to knit the necklace especially for you.

  3. I’ve heard they are machine washable, is this true?
    FACT! Yes I recommend washing them at 30 or 40 degrees depending how dirty it is.

  4. What is the fabric?
    They are hand knitted in recycled jersey cotton. The fabric originates as offcuts from fashion factories. This also makes them metal allergy friendly.

  5. How chunky are the necklaces?
    I order the yarn from companies that rescue the offcuts and turn it into the yarn I use. As such, I don’t ever know what the size of the yarn will be before i buy it. This means it may vary from batch to batch, but I will try to show this in the images I use as best I can on the shop and Instagram.

  6. Do you have a constant stock of the same colour?
    The colours vary from batch to batch, so once I have run out of a colour, I can’t guarantee I will have the exact same colour back in stock. I enjoy working in this way, and it makes your necklace that touch more unique!

  7. Are they really safe for babies?
    YES, tried and tested! They are safe to chew on, stretch and get their fingers into. Great for babes without babies too!

  8. Do you accept returns?
    In this case, I do not accept returns. When I post the necklace I make sure it is wrapped well enough to keep it safe and it is also checked over before being sent for any faults. If it was not a commission, I can however exchange for an alternative colour. Note though, I cannot return your postage fee.


Studio FAQ’s

  1. When are postage days?
    Postage days are Wednesdays and Fridays and small parcels are posted first class. Larger parcels will be sent via Parcelforce. If you need anything specific or are unsure, please just get in touch. I reserve the right to request a further addition to postage if the parcel is very large an exceeds the prices listed.

  2. Can I request a commission for upholstery or cushion cover?
    Yes you can, I get very excited about emails and messages like this. Please get in touch so that we can discuss the options. It’d be helpful to send me a few images of the piece/idea and your initial thoughts for colour/fabric in the very beginning and the budget you have in mind.

  3. What fabrics do you use?
    I try to keep my footprint down and therefore the majority of the fabrics I use are UK made. My most favourite and most commonly used fabrics are made by BUTE fabrics which are based here in Scotland.

  4. Do you accept returns?
    I sadly do not accept returns. I will exchange an item for a different colour within the same range or price, but I cannot return your postage fees.
    I also will not accept returns on anything bespoke. I hope you can understand that once this has been made for you, it may be difficult to sell on. I also cannot return postage fee’s.
    If there is a reasonable fault with the item, eg. loose stitching, I may take the repair up to 14 days after the purchase, however I cannot return postage fees - I always make sure my products are of the highest quality, so this should not be an issue.