Garland Kit YOP - Yellow, Orange & Pink

Garland Kit YOP - Yellow, Orange & Pink


The newest product added to Anna Hepburn, the Garland Kit.
Ideal for all levels, Garland Kit is 2m in length and has 6 pompoms.

A great decorative piece for a nursery, everyday decor around a window or doorway, a garden office, eco party decor… the list is endless.

What’s included?
1 Anna Hepburn bag to keep your materials clean and tidy
Pompom maker
6 balls of yarn
1 ball of jersey-cotton fabric yarn
1 instruction booklet

What you’ll need:
A pair of sharp scissors
Your fingers

Also available is more balls of yarn if you’d like to add further pompoms and additional pompom makers if you’d like to share the making process with others.

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