A Day in the Life of... Lauren Bryden from Look, Lauren


Who are you and how was your day?

I'm Lauren Bryden and my day has been a bit of a mixed bag! I was expecting it to be a nice, fun filled day, but as with everything else when you’re looking after a baby as soon as you get complacent they have a way of teaching you otherwise! Me and Francis the baby had a quiet morning and afternoon feeding, walking the dog, playing and napping and in the evening when his Dad came home we took Francis to his first Partick Thistle game! Despite planning it out and packing everything possible it was a giant flop. Francis was absolutely terrified, I felt like a shit Mum, he lasted ten minutes after which we went inside to feed and each shed a little tear and left right after. Lesson learned!


What do you most enjoy about what you do?

I miss being able to potter around and make little things as I pleased like I used to. I get a lot of, “Are you making jewellery again yet?” from well meaning people, one a few weeks after the baby was born! And the answer is no, not yet. I’m a rubbish multitasker. But raising the baby brings me a lot of satisfaction and days when I get it right I feel invincible!

When you were younger, what did you want to be? Would you give any advice to your younger self or your child now?

When I was wee I wanted to be an artist and have my own shop selling cool things. I grew up in a small town and always felt out of place, I constantly thought, “If I can just leave and get to art school everything will be okay, I’ll be accepted there”. But what I’d probably tell the younger me is that you might not necessarily be accepted and you’ll probably have to forge your own path, but that’s okay.


At the moment, what or who makes you laugh?

The baby’s hairline.

What is your favourite smell?

Pregnancy completely changed my sense of smell so I’m still getting used to what I now like and dislike. So far mint, lavender and lemon are good!

What 2 things do you or your wee one love about the necklace?

I love the colour and texture of the necklace and its durability, it’s nice being able to wear something beautiful which isn’t fragile. It’s just the right length for babies to hold on to and for a teething baby like Francis it’s very tasty!

Anna Hale