A Day in the Life of... Terri Hawkins at Flowers Vermillion


Who are you and how was your day?

I’m Terri of Flowers Vermillion. I have had a really busy day today juggling site visits with a bride, a meeting and my little Ernst.

What do you do and where are you based?
I’m an artist and florist living in Glasgow!

What do you most enjoy about what you do?
I love what I do as I’m obsessed with flowers and gardening and also making sculptural things, so it’s a match made in heaven.


When you were younger, what did you want to be? Would you give any advice to your younger self or your child now?

I wanted to have a small holding and grow flowers and have lots of animals and sell homemade jam on the side of the road. Creepily, I also wanted to be a Morris dancer.
If I’m totally honest, I would tell my younger self nothing, as I don’t think I’d have listened. 


At the moment, what or who makes you laugh?

my son makes me laugh.

What is your favourite smell?

My absolute fav smell… I love the smell of rain on hot tarmac, as it reminds me of my childhood playing in the cul-da-sac in the south.

What 2 things do you or your wee one love about the necklace?

It’s so practical so I can wear it when I’m designing flowers and Ernst says it looks like pasta.

Anna Hale