A Day in the Life of... Eilidh Weir at All That is Braw


Who are you and how was your day?

I'm Eilidh of All That is Braw, and I've had a pretty good day. It wasn't as productive as I hoped, not only is it the school holidays but my youngest has been ill so I've been keeping an eye on him while not getting my head stuck too far into work, 

What do you do and where are you based?

I run a slow fashion label focussing on home family classics for all the family. Pyjamas for all ages sizes and genders that can also pass as the comfiest day wear known to human kind along with some other items for home and play. I work from my home studio in a small village in the Trossachs where I also run a Pottery shop and workshop alongside my partner. We make fine Porcelain tableware to sell alongside ceramics from other Scottish crafts people. Our village is on the doorstep to some really beautiful countryside and mountains and feel incredibly lucky to be able to work and live here.

What do you most enjoy about what you do?

I really love designing and making items I love. Whether they are clothes or ceramics. I get a lot of satisfaction out of making useful items with my own too hands. Whilst there are more to both businesses than just the making, the times i get to sit down and get lost in sewing or painting pottery are my absolute favourite.

When you were younger, what did you want to be? Would you give any advice to your younger self or your child now?

I wanted to be an artist of some kind for most of my life. I studied illustration in the end and then spent quite a while feeling ashamed that i hadn't 'made it' in that field. I'd tell my younger self to remember to know my worth and never be afraid of charging properly for my work.


At the moment, what or who makes you laugh?

My partner makes me laugh the most, and my kids. And making them all laugh is probably one of my biggest joys.

What is your favourite smell?

 Burning wood, grass and trees just after its rained and the sun has come out and.. err chainsaw oil. 

What 2 things do you or your wee one love about the necklace?

It is really comfortable to wear. I can be guilty of wearing the same clothes for day to day life as i would if I go out (because they are my favourite to be honest) but wearing the necklace is a really easy way to make my outfit a bit more special whilst not feeling annoying or restrictive.

Anna Hale